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في قاد – تروبيكال مانجا سولت نك


في قاد – تروبيكال مانجا سولت نك

رمز المنتج: BOQ1V1E التصنيفات: , الوسوم:

Size: 30ml

Flavor: Mango

Many people don’t know that the mango fruit has traveled a long, historic  journey from India to the Americas throughout thousands of years. Mangoes are indigenous to India and have been a prized fruit by indigenous people for thousands of years. First, their seeds traveled along with human migration from India to the Middle East. Eventually, this mouthwatering fruit made its way to the Bering Straight’s ice bridge and spread its amazing flavor throughout the Americas. Just take a second to let that sink in the next time you buy mango from the grocery store. Tropical Mango by VGOD is all the great flavor of mango that human beings have desired for tens of thousands of years but in the form of nicotine salts. With slight hints of pineapple, this ejuice will satisfy any mango enthusiast as it satisfied our distant ancestors.


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