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لودد – كران تفاح بارد سولت نك


لودد – كران تفاح بارد سولت نك

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Loaded Cran Apple Iced E-Juice is the newest flavor of Cran Apple with refreshing menthol  Cran Apple Juice Iced contains sweet cranberries and juicy apples with a twist of menthol. The perfect gift for fruit lovers. Cran Apple Juice Iced is both refreshing and sweet. Enjoy the taste of your favorite apple treat with Loaded Cran Apple Iced E-juice 120ml by Loaded E-Liquid. Grab yourself this brand new cranberry apple with menthol combination that will make you crave the real thing! Loaded offers super sweet over the top flavors for the sugar fiend in all of us.

Flavor Profile: Crisp Apple and Sweet Cranberry with Menthol


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