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دكتور فيبس – بينك بانثر حامض وحلو سولت نك


دكتور فيبس – بينك بانثر حامض وحلو سولت نك

رمز المنتج: B4CNU9I التصنيفات: , الوسوم: , , ,

Entice your taste buds with this sweet and sour fusion of flavours. Blackcurrants and cotton candy with an after note of sour candy goodness. What more could you ask for?

This product is intended for use in MTL devices.


Nicotine Strengths: 30mg & 50mg are not for sale in the UK & EU.


Ingredients 30mg & 50mg:

Vegetable Glycerin (≤50%)

Propylene Glycol with Flavouring (≤50%)

Nicotine: ≤3% (30mg) & ≤5% (50mg)


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