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في قاد – مانجو بارد متفجر


في قاد – مانجو بارد متفجر

رمز المنتج: 2S23I76 التصنيفات: , الوسوم: ,

Mango Bomb Iced is a harmoniously balanced flavor that transports you directly to soft ripened yellow slices of a freshly peeled juicy mangoes with a frosty mentholated finish. The primary note of the mango fruit is delicately sweet and silky throughout the inhale straight through to the chilly exhale. It is an outright smooth mango menthol blast that offers maximum satisfaction in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine strengths.

الحجم: 60ml

مستوى النيكوتين: 3MG

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